Our Commitment to Green

Here at Faithful Companions we believe that being environmentally friendly is an important part of our daily service. We are proud to offer not only the best of services to our clients, but also the best of machinery and vehicles for our daily operations.

Our cremators are specifically designed for our pet cremation service and are state-of-the-art in design and efficiency while emitting no harmful pollutants or emissions other than heat. The design of both the private cremation cremator and the communal cremation cremator keeps our service efficient and uses only the minimum amount of natural resources needed without any waste.

While we know that the cremators are the most important machines in our profession, the second most important is our vehicles. Since we have daily pickups and 24 hour service, we must have a vehicle that is both efficient for driving, but also clean-burning for our environment. That is why we chose to use a Freightliner Sprinter Van specifically built for our needs. It allows us to make multiple stops on a single trip and is also environmentally friendly.

The Sprinter has BlueTEC SCR diesel technology and complies with the strict standards of the EPA. It reduces emissions by filtering the exhaust gases and sending them through a catalytic converter, where they are mixed with the water-based additive DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid). In this process, pollutant nitrogen oxides are converted into harmless nitrogen and water. The result is a substantial reduction in pollutants and soot particles and one of the world’s cleanest diesel engines. It is a state-of-the-art engine technology that generates incredible fuel economy (25 miles to the gallon) and a remarkably low noise level.